Tecno Art

More than 25 years of experience in stylish steel constructions.

  • Tecno Art FIETSENSTALLING TA02® fietsenstalling UZA Antwerpen
  • Tecno Art TECNO® bushalte station Detail Oostende
  • Tecno Art VLAKKE OVERKAPPING Mopertingen

    Tecno Art is a Belgian SME with more than 25 years experience in the production of high quality steel constructions.

    We spend a lot of attention to aesthetics, ergonomics, durability and quality with a special focus on the finishing touch.

    Tecno Art is certified EN1090-1 en EN1090-2.  This way we can assure the delivery of constructions with CE-label, fit for the public domain

    Our shelters are applied in all types of applications: for bike sheds, carports, abris, canopies, public transport, ...

    Street furniture is equally a core activity of our business and contributes to an upgraded appearance of a neighbourhood or a city. This results is a nice, stylish  and friendly  ambiance for the local inhabitants and visitors.

    Tecno Art distinguishes itself in the market through its refined designs and its ability to customise its projects. It all starts by listening carefully to the wishes and dreams of our customers. We then translate this to a strong design with a diligent execution to exceed the customers expectations.

    Very often, the contribution of Tecno Art is just a part of a larger project. We therfore positon ourselves as a loyal and helpful partner to engineering offices, architects and contractors.

    Satisfied customers and partners our our main reason of existence and provide us a solid foundation to further expand our company in a sustainable way.

    Shall we arrange to discuss your project?

    Each project is unique, custom made to your needs.

    Make an appointment so that we can work out together an optimal solution for your case.

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